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Process of energy saving and environmental protection for ceramic sheet pushing outer wall decoratio
Publisher: Foshan Bo Xin porcelain industry Co., Ltd.     Release time:2017-08-28 11:17:15

With the improvement of energy saving and emission reduction, construction of low-carbon cities and development of green materials, the construction of low-carbon towns and ecological homes has become a major breakthrough in the transformation of urbanization in china. Environmental protection, energy saving and safety building exterior wall decoration materials are the prerequisite for building environmental protection buildings, and play a decisive role in realizing low-carbon towns and ecological homes. In recent years, has been considered a new type of environmentally friendly materials of ceramic sheet to accelerate the application of exterior wall decoration in the building, will promote the external wall decoration materials energy-saving environmental protection process.

In the past, exterior wall decoration materials were mainly made of ordinary exterior wall brick and stone. Ceramic plate as environmentally friendly materials, the first performance in thin and lightweight material itself, the environmental performance of the material than ordinary wall brick and stone better; followed by the ceramic sheet "thin, light" features to reduce the wall load, saving storage, transportation, handling and other cost advantage.

All along, the popularization of ceramic sheet in the exterior wall is hindered by the construction technology. The traditional ceramic plate is mostly made of flat or small back pattern, and it is necessary to use composite structure in the outer wall. Based on this situation, Foshan makaroni ceramics Limited company launched a special ceramic wall sheet with dovetail groove, through innovative design, based on improving the safety performance of the wet paste, can be widely used in foundation and villa building exterior paving.

First of all, the new thin plate with dovetail groove backs greatly strengthens the fit between the wall and the wall when the sheet is wet. "Inside width, outside narrow" dovetail groove structure effectively avoids the influence of Magnesium Oxide on paving, and the main push wet hanging wet hanging construction is more powerful.

Secondly, stoneware embryo just perfect, ordinary is rarely used for polishing brick wall tiles, mainly due to low water absorption is prone to fall off, control and stoneware embryo absorption rate to a proper extent at around 1%, in the wet paste process, stoneware embryo more easily with the molecular structure of the physical form of binder bite force, make the construction more firm.

Through the innovation of the ceramic thin plate back texture and the embryo, Makaluoni plate in the exterior walls of the building has more safety performance of wet paste. The process of imitation stone surface effect, there are noodles, litchi surface, burning face, matte, light plane plane, more personalized, fashion decorative effect, making a little higher sheet used more by designers and builders alike in the exterior wall decoration materials will help to promote the process of energy saving and environmental protection.


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