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Why do ceramic slabs?
Publisher: Foshan Bo Xin porcelain industry Co., Ltd.     Release time:2017-08-28 10:53:22

No big board, no big name." All of a sudden, the ceramic slabs lit up and became the focus of business and media pursuit.

What is a ceramic plate? First, sort it out conceptually. The ceramic slab, there are businesses and media called ceramic plate, which is different from the traditional ceramic tile, large size and different from the new building ceramic ceramic sheet, and sheet, polished tiles, antique tiles, is currently a call according to the attributes of products popular in the industry.

About ceramic bricks, ceramic bricks, GB/T 4100-2015 is defined as: "made of clay, feldspar and quartz as the main raw material for covering walls and floors, slabs or slabs, building ceramics."." In the 3.14 terms and definitions, ceramic tiles on the specifications of size description, including visible size and thickness, width, connecting with the size, scale and other work, but not for the specifications, thickness to make clear limits. Therefore, from this concept, the ceramic plate belongs to "ceramic brick", the current production enterprises to implement the product standard is still "ceramic brick" GB/T 4100-2015.

In accordance with the above definition, ceramic sheet, ceramic plate can also be classified as "ceramic brick" among them. However, the ceramic plate has a separate national standard, that is "ceramic plate" GB/T23226-2009. In this standard, the ceramic plate is defined as: "clay and other inorganic non-metallic materials made by forming, high temperature firing and other production process of plate ceramic."." And specially stipulated "the thickness is not more than 6mm, the upper surface area is not less than 1.62m2", therefore, the present many enterprise launches the ceramic thin plate, in the strict sense should be called "the ceramic plate"". The most common 600 * 1200 * 4.8mm specifications on the market do not belong to "ceramic plates" or "ceramic sheets", but should be called "thin ceramic tiles"".

In April 2013, the Ministry of Industry issued the "thin ceramic brick" JC/T2195-2013 standards, the "thin ceramic brick" is defined as this: "thickness of not more than 5.5mm ceramic tiles."". In recent years, ceramic industry vigorously promote the construction of ceramic thin, and was written into the "12th Five-Year" "13th Five-Year" industry planning, we can see that thin is building ceramics industry, the inevitable trend of future development, which is why many enterprises it is the "ceramic tile" but not to rub heat, why the name of "ceramic plate" or "ceramic plate" marketing gimmick.

At present, the most common ceramic plate thickness of 3.0mm, 4.8mm, 5.5mm range, specifications, Monalisa launched in early 2016, the product has reached 1200 * 2400mm, thin ceramic enterprises in Italy launched more than this size. However, on the ceramic plate is involved in more and more enterprises, or when the ceramic sheet field, a ceramic sheet and act in a diametrically opposite way the ceramic board turned out the board, not only the specification, usually in more than 900 * 1800mm, and the thickness of the ceramic plate far exceeds the 6mm limit value, from ranges from 12 to 30mm.

Compared with the traditional ceramic tile, has a great advantage in saving resources and energy of the ceramic sheet, according to the first domestic production of porcelain plate Monalisa statistics, compared to 800 * 800mm ceramic tile, raw material consumption is reduced by 64.62%, reduce the power consumption by 20.82%, 63.20% reduction in water consumption, comprehensive energy consumption reduced by 41.33%, in addition, can also reduce emissions and reduce the building load, save space, reduce the number of product life cycle after the end of the solid waste etc.. In a word, compared to ceramic tiles, ceramic sheets have more advantages in resource saving and environmental friendly fields. The ceramic plate, on the contrary, the consumption of resources and energy will rise in proportion.

But why, while the ceramic sheet is hot, will the enterprises introduce ceramic thick plates again? Does this product run counter to the ceramic sheet cause waste of resources?

The author once pointed out in "about the specification of tile (board) specifications", "no matter what kind of specifications, the ultimate goal is architectural aesthetics."." Compared with the ceramic sheet, the ceramic plate is superior to the surface color, texture, texture, gradation, permeability and so on. Because the ceramic sheet thickness limit, surface decoration technology only by inkjet printing and printing process to achieve the texture changes, and the ceramic plate in addition to the above process, also can be realized through the change of the surface texture of fabric technology, also can be made into a whole body, in order to reflect the board itself excellent internal quality and subsequent processing facilities. Due to the increase of the thickness of ceramic plate can be from the inside to the outside as imitation of natural stone, natural stone rich variety of texture, texture and color is more authentic, most incisive display, rather than the "enrichment" in the traditional standard marble tiles, to show the integrity of natural stone texture. In surface decoration technology, ceramic plate more easily through the large area, large pattern, high resolution, high fidelity, multi-level imitation of natural precious stones, will make the surface effect "like stone, stone is truly" effect, and the natural stone plate "true or false".

In addition, natural stone because of scarcity, non renewable, some of the world's leading high-end stone category has been sold to the exhaustion of resources, price, and ceramic plate can be just one hundred percent revival of natural precious stone, in the high-grade, large commercial space, such as the airport, railway station, subway, lobby, club and office space. The ceramic plate can be reduced by virtue of its high degree of surface effect and hard inside

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