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Position: > Industry > Ceramic enterprises have introduced ceramic sheet for what?

Ceramic enterprises have introduced ceramic sheet for what?
Publisher: Foshan Bo Xin porcelain industry Co., Ltd.     Release time:2017-08-28

In 2017, the ceramic industry, ceramic plate, plate suddenly favored by enterprises. It can be said that "suddenly, like a spring breeze", "the wind rises, clouds fly."".

Why are many leading enterprises involved in the production of large plates and thin plates? We might as well start with the specifications of the tile itself.

In the early stage of reform and opening up, the market was mostly 108 x 108mm and 152 x 152mm ceramic mosaic bricks, of course, there were some mosaics ranging from 10 to 50mm. Later, with the modern ceramic industry started, began a 300 Caiyouzhuan, * 300mm 60 * 240mm Youmianzhuan, there are some Youmianzhuan 200 * 200mm, 200 * 300mm, 330 * 330mm, 200 * 400mm specifications, but the mainstream products basically to 300 * 300mm. Later, 400 x 400mm, 500 * 500mm, 600 * 600mm, 300 * 450mm, 300 * 600mm and so on were added. In large size, 800 x 800mm, 1000 x 1000mm polishing brick, can be said to have represented a kind of strength, in late 90s of last century ceramic enterprises later, even a 900 * 1800mm "China brick king" and 1000 x 2000mm "world king of bricks". But the latter two specifications of the polished brick at that time is only a gimmick of enterprise marketing, did not really put into mass production and sales.

The most common form of tile has two kinds: one is square, and the other is rectangle. From the beginning of twenty-first Century to now, all kinds of floor tiles specifications in 600 * 600mm, 800 * 800mm, porcelain with 300 * 300mm and 300 * 450mm, 300 * 600mm, once the 400 * 400mm and 500 * 500mm, 1000 * 1000mm has become the mainstream of specifications. Subsequently, some enterprises launched 600 x 1200mm polished tiles, marble tiles, and quickly become a new mainstream ceramic tile Market specifications. More enterprises around 2016 launched 900 x 900mm marble tile. In addition, there are some 6 corners shaped brick, in the specifications completely broke the traditional ceramic tile 4 sides, 4 right angle shape. But the 6 corner brick is still in the market to test the water stage, the share is extremely small.

During this period, the thickness of tiles was between 6 and 22mm, and the thickness was thicker and thicker. In December 2006, domestic enterprises successfully developed 900 x 1800 x 3.5/5.5mm ceramic sheet for the first time, thus revolutionizing the specifications of traditional ceramic tiles. Subsequently, the state promulgated the "ceramic board" standard, to distinguish between the traditional ceramic tile in the specifications, thickness, surface area and other key indicators, which entered the ceramic market board, brick fly era. From the beginning of 2013, Italy Bologna exhibition, the ceramic plate is more and more, affected by this, the domestic enterprises began to get involved in the field of ceramic sheet, specifications in the 600 x 1200 x 4.8mm (actually brick), 900 x 1800 x 5.5mm. In April 2016, a domestic ceramic enterprises launched 1200 * 2400 * 5.5mm ceramic plate, once again refresh the domestic ceramic plate specifications of the record; in March 2017, Asia's first and largest tonnage press 16800T formally put into production, the start of the 1200 * 2400mm ceramic plate production. So far, the domestic ceramic brick (plate) constantly set new specifications record.

From the evolution of tile specifications can be seen, most tiles are in line with the building modulus, and its specifications to "3" as a multiple. 3 is a relatively flexible and reasonable prime number, but also a magic number. Laozi said: "Tao Sheng a, life two, two life, three, three things."." Therefore, tile specifications to 3mm multiples is not difficult to understand. This also shows another aspect of the 400 x 400mm and 500 x 500mm gradually eliminated, 900 x 900mm and 800 x 800mm contend for the trend and direction. Especially now 800 * 800mm, almost the market mainstream products on the polished tiles, the main specifications of glazed tiles, marble tiles, although "8" itself has a good meaning, but from the perspective of the building module, tofu specification does not comply with the requirements of the late, probably will face a huge challenge for 900 * 900mm, 600 * 1200mm.

Tile (plate) specifications change, in addition to subject to the main ceramic tile production equipment press, but also with the kiln, glaze, mold, flower and other equipment level. At the turn of the century, China's "brick king" and "world brick king" have failed to become a potential force, the main reason is the key equipment, press, kiln, flower machine and other aspects of insufficient capacity. If the press tonnage is not large enough, the tile strength will be limited. 900 * 1800 * 3.5/5.5mm ceramic sheet, it can be said that the tiles (board) specifications the first revolutionary breakthrough, not only the specification becomes larger, the main is to become thinner, from the past 6 ~ 22mm to 3.5mm and 5.5mm, can be said to be one of the Chinese ceramic industry can not afford pioneering work. More importantly, it appears, broke through the traditional applications of ceramic tiles, it is not limited by the height used in high-rise curtain wall in large commercial space, rail transportation, porcelain mosaic and other fields, greatly reducing the load capacity of the buildings, with the advantages of the traditional ceramic tile There is nothing comparable to this.

With the continuous progress of technology, ceramic industry after the large size ceramic sheet, 2017 blew up a ceramic plate specifications in the wind, more than 900 * 1800mm, with a thickness of more than 12mm. The ceramic plate, compared with the traditional ceramic tile and natural stone, less seams and strong integrity, can better display the natural stone texture, texture and effect, and the resurrection of rare natural stone, such as white Carrara etc.. Therefore, in the high-end hotels, large commercial space, office buildings, ceramic panels can be a perfect alternative to natural stones, and even make up for natural stone, large size, lack of resources.


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