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Ceramic, marble, ceramic tile excellent quality, extraordinary temperament!
Publisher: Foshan Bo Xin porcelain industry Co., Ltd.     Release time:2017-08-28 10:51:21澳门金沙赌船官网

With the advent of the decoration season, the choice of tiles for the owners is essential, you choose a tile what are the reasons? In the face of this God is looking at the face, of course, is the first value of yan. Grow well and do well. But tile is not a vase. It's good to use except to look good. High value, excellent product quality, unique artistic charm, excellent environmental performance, perfect after-sales service, can show a good tile full of sincerity. Ceramic, marble, tile series, superb artistic atmosphere, matching the elegant taste of you!

Home is the harbour where men call, it is our refuge. People ride in the workplace, life experience and bow and scrape, the end of the day, just to relax a warm home, everyone is the one and only in the hearts of everyone. How to build a home of their own? Marble tiles can help you! Ceramic marble series, elegant texture, delicate texture, luxury behind the extraordinary, extraordinary reproduction of Dali stone distinguished value, is the choice for family decoration.

The marble tile inherits the merit of the natural stone, and abandons the lack of the natural stone, which perfectly reflects the needs of the modern people. As the mainstream products in recent years, cool and brilliant ceramic close to the needs of the public, with advanced technology to build a series of marble tiles, ultra hard, wear-resistant, long-term new. Its special permeability factor makes the brick face high brightness, high transparency, and has a special three-dimensional feeling. And a comprehensive upgrade of the glaze formula, the use of thick throwing glaze process, glaze greatly increased, to create ultra thick glaze layer. Cool and marble series of products using flat mirror polishing technology, the brick surface like a mirror smooth, water ripple reject annoying. Cool marble tile in the texture, color, texture, feel and visual effects of the natural marble to achieve a realistic effect, decorative effect is even better than natural stone.

The traditional marble expensive, several hundred dollars per square started, prohibitive, cool and ceramic marble series, stone quality, natural, high cost, the way to Chinese chamber, add Huacai and infinite charm of space for you!

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