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Position: > Question > The lower the water absorption rate of ceramic bricks, the better Not always

The lower the water absorption rate of ceramic bricks, the better Not always
Publisher: Foshan Bo Xin porcelain industry Co., Ltd.     Release time:2017-08-28 10:50:58

Recently, the Quality Supervision Bureau of Guangdong province sanitary ceramics and ceramic brick products conducted special quality supervision and random inspection, 4 batches of ceramic brick products failed inspection, of which 3 batches of products involving high water absorption problems;

Guangxi Bureau of quality supervision on the day before the quality of ceramic tile products to carry out sampling, the results showed that 5 batches of substandard tile products, 2 batches of unqualified water absorption is much higher than the national standard;

At the same time, Inner Mongolia city Ordos Industrial and Commercial Bureau in Japan before the ceramic tiles on the circulation of goods for inspection, a total of 5 batches of ceramic tile products unqualified, of which three batches have high water absorption rate;

According to the quality inspection report released by AQSIQ last month, a total of 97 kinds of ceramic brick products on the "black list", of which 37 products failed because of water absorption and list;


In the quality sampling of ceramic tiles, the high water absorption rate of ceramic bricks has often become an important factor in ceramic tile disqualification. Then, does it mean that the lower the water absorption rate of ceramic tiles, the better?


The national standard of water absorption of ceramic bricks is not a single standard

The water absorption rate of ceramic tile is the ratio of the weight of the brick itself to the weight after absorbing the water. It is the ability of the ceramic tile to absorb and permeate water.

In recent years, in the quality sampling of ceramic tiles, the water absorption rate is higher than 0.5% of the national standard, has become a major factor in sampling unqualified products, coupled with consumers affected by this, but also began to pay more attention to water absorption. Therefore, major manufacturers in the development of new products, more attention to reduce water absorption, and as the main selling point. According to some well-known manufacturers, the existing enterprises have produced less than 0.05% of water ceramic tile.


In fact, according to the latest revision of the "ceramic tile" (GB/T 4100-2015) national standards of water absorption of ceramic tiles divided into ceramic brick (water absorption rate of E is less than or equal to 0.5%), stoneware tiles (water absorption E = 0.5% ~ 3%), brick (the water absorption rate of 6% = E = 10%), ceramic tiles (water the rate is more than 10%), so the ceramic tile water absorption rate is in line with national standards and not by the single "with less than or equal to 0.5%" to measure. In the ceramic tiles, polished tiles, ceramic mosaic belongs to ceramic tile; antique tiles, crystal tiles, wear-resistant bricks, Yaguang brick is brick, tile half; general porcelain is pottery tile. Different ceramic tile products have different application sites, and their water absorption criteria can not be generalized.

Low water absorption, effectively prevent tile from falling off

Ceramic tiles are the most widely used ceramic tile types. Therefore, when talking about the national standards of water absorption of ceramic tiles, many people simply regard the national standards of ceramic tiles as the only standard. What is the advantage of low water absorption of floor tile?

The water absorption rate of ceramic tile is one of the standards to measure the quality of ceramic tile. It affects the hardness, strength and wear resistance of ceramic tile to a great extent. Low water absorption tile density is relatively high, the product hardness, strength and other properties will be better, internal stability is higher. As a result, tile cracking or peeling is not easy to occur. Conversely, if the floor tile water absorption rate is too high, easy to absorb water, after cold contraction, hot rise will lead to ceramic tile surface cracking and whole tile peeling, or make the floor black spots.


Therefore, it is necessary to select ceramic tile to pay attention to its water absorption index, but it needs to be emphasized that this is only for ceramic tiles or tiles.

Tile should also be based on different conditions to maintain the necessary water absorption

Although tile low water absorption rate is a measure of the standard of product quality is high, but this does not mean that all tile water absorption as low as possible, on the contrary, some products and occasions require high water absorption rate of the tiles in order to ensure the quality of decoration.

Although the ceramic tile with low water absorption rate has better internal quality, it has poor adhesive quality. In fact, wall tiles need a certain rate of water absorption to ensure a firm paving. Insiders pointed out that the ceramic brick paving with cement mortar, with cement slurry in water can be absorbed into the tile and curing, and the formation of ceramic tile for wall grip. But with the increasingly dense ceramic tiles, bibulous rate is lower and lower, it is difficult to produce cement mortar and grip, even when posted up without a bit of hollowing, the future will inevitably have may fall off.


It is understood that ceramic tile water absorption rate of about 10%, the purpose is to combine its relatively rough surface, is conducive to affixed to the wall, while strengthening the bond firmness.

In addition, a decoration on the wall tiles have become more popular in recent years, personalized decoration makes collocation more atmosphere, beautiful, grades, but need to maintain high water absorption wall brick paving quality, which has to a certain extent for tile water absorption rate can not be too low.

Based on the above analysis, the choice of ceramic tiles, it is necessary to pay attention to the water absorption rate, which relates to the quality of ceramic tiles, but not the lower the better water absorption, needs to be judged according to the ceramic tile material itself and use of the premises.

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