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Ceramic brick impact tester
Publisher: Foshan Bo Xin porcelain industry Co., Ltd.     Release time:2017-08-28

Ceramic tile ceramic tile impact tester | recovery coefficient tester model: BTH-5 number: ZH11405

Product brief:

Ceramic tile impact tester is a ball from a fixed height to sample and determine the rebound height, to determine the recovery coefficient by measuring the recovery coefficient to determine the impact of various kinds of brick, meet the national standard GB/T3010.5-2006 "ceramic tiles - by measuring the recovery coefficient of determination of impact resistance of brick" condition.

This instrument conforms to the GB/T3810.5 - 2006/ISO10545-5:1996 determination of the ceramic brick restoration coefficient to determine the impact resistance of brick.

Technical parameter:

Diameter of steel ball: 19mm (+ 0.05)

Steel ball falling height: 1000mm

The precision of laser precise measuring time is 1US

Equipment structure:

The instrument consists of a steel base with a horizontal adjusting knob and a vertical steel frame with an electromagnet hanging, a catheter and a test component bracket;

The test components are tightly fixed to the center of the horizontal tile surface where the falling steel ball strikes the surface of the horizontal tile. The distance between the bottom of the catheter and the lower end shall be less than 9mm;

The electronic timer measures the time of the first collision and the second collision of the ball on the sample by using a sensor, and reads the time interval from the timer to the direct readout of the T

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