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Ceramic plate, the irresistible trend of the times!
Publisher: Foshan Bo Xin porcelain industry Co., Ltd.     Release time:2017-08-28 11:30:07

Ceramic plate, the Italy Bologna CERSAIE exhibition last year, the most eye-catching content. At that time a large number of Italy have launched the "big board", is particularly dazzling is nuovocorso Niuwokasa display plate series, maximum size of 160CM * 320CM.

After the exhibition in Bologna, ceramic tile industry, design experts, without exception, will be "ceramic plate" as "ceramic tile industry" this year's first international trends.

600 x 1200 (mm), 900 * 1800 (mm)...... This is not the size of the marble, but the size of the tile path. When people's cognition of ceramic tile still stays on the area of 600 * 600 (mm) and 800 * 800 (mm), tile has entered the era of "big" trend.

Domestic ceramics enterprises have launched "fashion, ceramic plate, and the size is more and more big. It is learnt that many industry giants are now on the scale of ceramic tile production line, ready to "big" dry. The industry is expected in 2017, the domestic ceramic industry will be the first year of the "big board". At first, the "big board" is mainly used in ceramic equipment market, shopping malls, office buildings, to lobby the club, now, have family applications, the popularity of the visible degree.

Why suddenly popular "big board"?

Green environmental protection, cost advantages, market demand, light and thin characteristics are the main factors, but there is a more important point, that is, the technical strength of enterprises. Think carefully, even if the "big plate" with green environmental protection, cost advantages and other characteristics, but the technology is not home, product quality is not reliable, I am afraid "big money" is also difficult to do so. The high standard and high requirement of production equipment and technology undoubtedly reflect the comprehensive strength of an enterprise. Italy nuovocorso Niuwokasa is had the power, has the production of top ceramic plate strength, became the object of domestic ceramic enterprises to imitate.

It's not easy to produce high quality products. One ring and one ring won't hold up any problems. Crudely made a waste of resources, damage the interests of consumers, manufacturers and dealers unprofitable, harmed. Keep improving and make a good product that is really suitable for consumers.


Under the banner of green environmental protection, ceramic enterprises considered to be highly polluting only have a new way to go.

With 900 * 1800 * 5.5 (mm) large plate as an example, a ton of raw material can produce 83 square meters, and the same size of traditional tiles, the thickness should reach more than 15mm, a ton of raw materials can only produce 20 square meters.

And transport, logistics costs in China has been high, and transport is calculated by tonnage, a ton of large plates can transport 83 square meters, a ton of traditional ceramic tiles can transport 20 square meters, this cost advantage is obvious.

Market demand spawned a thin board with light characteristics".

At present, more and more domestic and more than 100 meters tall buildings, these buildings on fire and load requirements is very high, the traditional decorative panels can be large and light, but the fire is not standard, and the stone can be fireproof, but bigger thickness specifications will increase accordingly, to reduce the building load and not the standard, therefore, the advantage of plate in the two aspects of the highlight, forming a competitive differentiation.

Design and other factors

From the design point of view, the "big board" texture continuity and seamless shop, so that indoor spacious and bright, people feel relaxed and comfortable, no doubt also to cater to the current simplicity of fashion. Although these colors are not dirty, and indoor hygiene requirements are higher, it takes more time and energy to maintain, but the choice of solid colors, but more reflects the masters of elegant temperament.


Many advantages

Compared with the traditional ceramic tile, ceramic plate in resource and energy saving has a great advantage, in addition, can also reduce emissions, reduce the building load, save space, reduce the number of product life cycle after the end of the solid waste etc.. In a word, compared to ceramic tiles, ceramic sheets have more advantages in resource saving and environmental friendly fields.

In addition, natural stone because of scarcity, non renewable, some of the world's leading high-end stone category has been sold to the exhaustion of resources, price, and ceramic plate can be just one hundred percent revival of natural precious stone, in the high-grade, large commercial space, such as the airport, railway station, subway, lobby, club and office space. The ceramic plate can be reduced by virtue of its high degree of hard surface effect and internal quality, perfect substitute of natural stone. At the same time, because of large size ceramic board, less seams, more holistic and unified of large space.

Ceramic plate also has a use, can replace the current home improvement field, hand washing platform, stove and other commonly used artificial stone countertops. Compared with man-made stone, the quality and performance advantages of ceramic slabs are self-evident.

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