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What is a ceramic sheet?
Publisher: Foshan Bo Xin porcelain industry Co., Ltd.     Release time:2017-08-28 11:28:40


Ceramic sheet (abbreviated as sheet) is a kind of plate ceramic product made of kaolin, clay and other inorganic non-metallic materials and formed by 1200 degree calcination at high temperature. Suitable for indoor wall, ground and seismic fortification intensity is not greater than 8 degrees, with height of not more than 24 meters of outdoor wall finishes (more than 24 meters of outdoor wall, special design, the argument can be recognized using), can be widely used in all kinds of public buildings and residential buildings. Building ceramic plate integrated energy-saving exterior insulation system is composed of ceramic thin veneer, thermal insulation materials, sealing materials, low lining etc., through special adhesive, the whole plate composite forming a fully enclosed heat preservation and decoration function, using hanging stick implementations and the foundation walls can be connected by construction method.

In fact, ceramic sheets were developed as early as 2003, and were developed in Europe, Spain and Italy. But in view of the shortage, the production level of defective high, after two years, Foshan enterprises also decided to introduce to Monalisa, the most critical time later, probably in 2010, the domestic manufacturers have finally solved the "thin and tough" and the construction technology of countries draft process "JGJ/T172-2012", so far. Only a few domestic enterprises to manufacture ceramic sheet.


Thin is the nature of the ceramic sheet, and also the main basis for the name of the ceramic sheet. The ceramic sheet is thinner than the common ceramic brick, wood board, stone material and plate, and the decoration of the ceramic plate can be made more spacious. The reason for being thinner is a response to the call of national skills and a major trend in the future. The sheets now available are 5.5mm and 4.8mm. The ceramic sheet product area of 600 x 1200mm, thickness 4.8mm, weight 8kg, light and thin, can save more than 60% of the raw material resources, reduce the comprehensive energy consumption of more than 55%, and the weight is only the traditional ceramic 1/3, greatly reduce logistics costs.



Light, because thinning, and reduce the quality of the benefits of light, there are many advantages, one is convenient transportation, two is not difficult to carry, three is convenient paving, four is good cut. General sheet products in the 8KG per square look, compared to the usual tile weight, there is an absolute advantage. Ordinary tiles according to 12mm thickness is less, also have to 35kg per flat, 70 pounds weight is not a person can afford. According to ordinary wet paste construction, above ordinary tile faster 3 times more, specific to see what environment. Particularly suitable for the two renovation of the family, direct shop, very convenient.



Sheet specifications are famous, and small ones are 1200mm long, so large plates are big! Think of sheet, besides think of it thin, should be big! Now there are a lot of 1800mm or 2400mm ceramic plate, are very popular products, more and more engineering, decoration are in love with the products, paving convenient, fix a few pieces, without too much trouble, as long as the basic flat, almost all applications easily.

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