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Position: > Question > Change soup again change dressing, bring you afresh understanding ceramic tile glue!

Change soup again change dressing, bring you afresh understanding ceramic tile glue!
Publisher: Foshan Bo Xin porcelain industry Co., Ltd.     Release time:2017-08-28 11:16:42

Tile glue also called tile adhesives, tile adhesive, glue mud and other name, is a new material of modern decoration, to replace the traditional cement sand, cement mortar adhesive force is several times of large stone tile paste can effectively avoid the risk of falling bricks. Good flexibility, prevent the hollowing off.

Features of tile adhesives

The adhesive strength is high and the hardening speed is fast, and the service life and the decorative effect of various paving materials can be greatly improved.

The construction is convenient and only needs to be processed with proper amount of water to stir. Glued tiles do not need blisters. They can be pasted directly.

Good resistance to compression, tensile strength, water resistance, alkali resistance and weather resistance, without environmental impact.

Good workability, good water retention, flexibility, anti flow resistance and skid resistance. During the bonding process, the adjustable time is 10 minutes, and the operation time is 90 minutes.

Ultra thin layer construction can be realized, the coating thickness is less than 1/2 of the traditional process, saving cost and space, and reducing the shrinkage, will not be due to force caused by decorative surface cracking and peeling.

The non-toxic, tasteless, no pollution, is the real green products.

Tiling structure drawing of ceramic tile adhesive


Tile adhesives are not a single component. They contain a variety of additives, including cellulose ethers that provide water retention and thickening, as well as redispersible latex powders that provide increased adhesion to ceramic tiles.

Main component action mechanism

The cellulose ether imparts excellent wet mortar consistency, can significantly increase the adhesive ability of wet mortar and base, improve the mortar sagging resistance; he also has good water retention, can prevent premature evaporation of moisture in the wet mortar or absorbed at the grassroots level, to ensure adequate hydration of cement, and the final mechanical properties of mortar ensure; retarding effect it can retard the hydration process of cement.

The redispersible latex powder with water swelling, fill in the aggregate between the expansion of aggregate, fill the gap, the expansion interface gradually merged into a continuous film of polymer, filler aggregate plays a role as the framework, which greatly improves the bond strength and service life of ceramic tile adhesive.

Scanning electron microscope contrast of tile binder and ordinary cement sand


In summary, tile adhesive is superior to the ordinary cement mortar can not match, can ensure the safety of the tiling, prevent falling and hollowing problems.


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