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Learn these 6 moves will pick tiles
Publisher: Foshan Bo Xin porcelain industry Co., Ltd.     Release time:2017-08-28 11:09:36

Tile is a wide range of building materials within the home decoration industry, but in the selection process, but also pay attention to what matters? Look at the following 6 strokes, I believe you will be able to choose a good tile for your family.

Piece together to see size

Field measurements on purchased tiles. Measure the sides and diagonals of the tiles with a ruler or tape measure. Check the dimensions.

Feel glazed

See whether the glaze has pinholes, spots, glazed texture, whether or not chromatic aberration. Mainly to see if there are black spots on the tile surface, bubbles, pinholes, cracks, whether there are scratches, stains, missing edges, lack of angle tiles, but also pay attention to whether there are leaks, missing, grinding and other defects.

Hit the surface and listen to the sound

On the tile, listening density. Choose tiles, the most important thing is to consider the quality of the problem, to identify the quality of ceramic tiles have many standards, you can tap, sound clear, ceramic tile of high density, good quality.

Dripping wears great

See tile water absorption rate. In general, the low water absorption of ceramic tile, on behalf of the inherent stability of tile, the more suitable for moisture or moisture content of higher space, such as bathrooms, kitchens and so on, and will not produce black spots and other issues. The common method to test the water absorption rate of ceramic tile is to pour the back of the ceramic tile. The quality of the ceramic tile is slow and the quality of the tile is not bad, otherwise it is not good.

Color selection

Tile type is very much, the color is also quite many, but needs to grasp is whether the selected color and the style satisfy the use request. For example, the kitchen generally speaking, in order to clean and convenient, generally light to the main, the most common white tiles. The bathroom tile light or dark or light colored matte, are recommended. Family decoration, the best choice of Yaguang brick; study and children room with the floor as far as possible to replace the tiles; if used polishing brick, usually at home, try to open the lights, but also to avoid eye light or by reflection effect; because the white and colored tiles reflective metal is strong, not suitable for large area used in the room.

The tile size should be considered in visual space, if the living room is covered furniture, also is the ground when in use, the actual size of the video, if the viewing area is small, should also be considered with smaller size. Or consider the size and proportion of the length and the width of the living room, in effect, all the whole piece of paving is good to tile, refers to the edge and try not to cut bricks or less cut bricks, to reduce waste, in general, the greater the tile size, the greater the waste.


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