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Position: > Industry > 2017 ceramic industry in the first half of three key words: big board, capital, environmental protec

2017 ceramic industry in the first half of three key words: big board, capital, environmental protec
Publisher: Foshan Bo Xin porcelain industry Co., Ltd.     Release time:2017-08-28 10:57:54

If you want to the first half of 2017 ceramic industry to extract a key word, not big.

The Monalisa group launched nearly 9 meters, weighing over 500 tons of 16 thousand and 800 tons of "giant" press; Jane released over 3.2 meters large marble tiles, newzhongyuan issued plate service standards --- this is from industry, equipment, products and services, continuously to the "big" forward.

In addition, the capital operation, environmental protection pressure, these two key words also play an important role in the ceramic industry.


A ten thousand ton "Big Mac" press


In March, nearly 9 meters tall, weighing more than 500 tons of 16 thousand and 800 tons of "Big Mac" press in the Monalisa group formally launched on the line, will successfully suppress 1220 x 2440mm super ceramic plate.

In fact, the history of Monalisa's plate can be traced back to ten years ago in 2007, and created the first 900 * 1800 * 5.5mm ceramic sheet and produced in china. At present, Monalisa has achieved 1200mm * 2400mm large plate mass production, thickness expanded from 5.5mm to 3 - 30mm, you can achieve "different specifications + different thickness + different colors" of the large plate customized production.

The 3.2 meter board and its little companions


Jane large marble tiles plate products

In June, Italy imported China original marble tile plate - Jane conference, released over 3.2 meters large marble tiles. 810 x 1620mm, 1620 x 3240mm two sizes of the original design by Jane, the world famous brand LAMINAM production plate production. "The future market needs to be summed up in a few words: bigger, lighter, greener," says Luca Bottazzi, regional director of LAMINAM."

This spring, Foshan Tao Bo, Monalisa, Douglas, Garcia, Douglas, eagle, Guanzhu etc. more than 20 ceramic enterprises on board products. Among them, Guanzhu launched 1800 900mm "Max" series of large size tiles, the new source of the launch of the BIG+ plate, positioning is "different", the product specification can reach 900x1800mm.

In June 22nd, the new source of ceramic combined with sina Home Furnishing & rob foreman platform, released the service standard ceramic plate. Previously, newzhongyuan launched the first brick tile industry construction brick construction standards "" white paper, with the development of industry in order to promote the quality of the construction, and also landed in the country the new source BIG+ plate shop.

At present, the industry of ceramic plate promotion is most concerned about, it lacks the relevant industry standards and strict construction specifications, supporting packaging, transportation, paving and other technologies have not kept up. At present, the new source of ceramic plate and Monalisa in the service standards and construction standards, in the industry one step ahead.

Accelerated capital operation

In the first half, Dongpeng holdings in Guangdong securities regulatory bureau for counseling registration. This means that, after delisting from the Hongkong Stock Exchange last year, it will move to the domestic capital market.

The industry, as well as the Monalisa group is on the A shares listed on the road. In the first half, it updated the prospectus, will go to the Shenzhen Stock Exchange listing, intends to raise funds of 1 billion 638 million yuan, mainly for production projects.

In June last year, imperial ware successful listing of the shares to be issued and paid to Oushennuo 52 shareholders at a price of 1 billion 967 million 738 thousand and 900 yuan in cash to purchase its total holdings of 98.39% stake in oushennuo. The securities agency believes that the cooperation between the two sides, imperial ware is expected to help cut Oushennuo hardcover channels, at the same time will also benefit from a large number of Oushennuo resources in the imperial ware flat pattern of accumulation of customers and dealers.

Environmental pressure

April 28th, the third batch of the central environmental protection supervision team work started, Hunan, Fujian, Guizhou and other provinces, one after another hundreds of ceramic factory checked, ordered to stop production. In June 1st, Chinese Building Materials Federation issued a "guidance" to eliminate backward production capacity, building sanitary ceramics industry forecast, "13th Five-Year" during the elimination capacity of ceramic tiles, 3 billion square meters, accounting for 21.4% of the proportion of the total capacity. June 13th, the general office of the Ministry of environmental protection issued the "ceramic industry pollutant emission standards", to modify the ceramic industry pollutant emission standards, more stringent.

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