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Application of ceramic sheetjs金沙官网登入
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Because of many advantages of ceramic sheet, it has a wide range of applications, from indoor to outdoor, ceiling, wall and ground. It is worth noting that, due to the characteristics of lightweight ceramic sheet surface thin, easy paving in the two renovation, renovation of the advantage is particularly prominent, only through paving tile glue can be in the original wall or tile surface, no need to spend a lot of time and energy removal


↑ two times decoration, directly on the floor of the original wall body thin sheet


↑ The effect of a sheet being hollowed out as a decoration for smallpox


↑ In the north, the ceramic sheet will be applied to sheet metal insulation


↑ Antibacterial ceramic sheets made from nano metal oxide materials are widely used in hospitals, health care institutions, home decoration, and even in the kitchen.

Five 、 construction of ceramic sheet

There are many kinds of construction methods for ceramic sheets, among which the most common are the following

1、Reconstruction of old wall


The construction process: primary processing - adhesive preparation - ceramic sheet surface cleaning - adhesive - construction ceramic sheet back coating, ceramic sheet - paving smoothness adjustment - surface cleaning and protection of the grid line.

The ceramic sheet can be renovated two times without changing the original ground and wall surface. Because the ceramic sheet itself is light and thin and so on, it can not be replaced by the wall when it is renovated. On the one hand, the ceramic sheet is lighter and reduces the weight of the building relative to other ceramic products; on the other hand, the ceramic sheet is thinner, and relative to other ceramic products, no changes can be made to the ground and the wall. The installation is faster and the construction cost is lower! The utility model does not need to remove the covering of the original building, does not generate noise, and does not generate construction waste. Not destroy the original building drainage, electrical and other hidden works. A substantial savings in refurbishment cost and refurbishment time without using special processes.

2, stone plastic composite dry hanging


Construction process:

1) the installation of the keel

Measurement line - Installation of steel bearing installation supporting steel keel fastening screw - correction - Installation of lightning protection system, the installation of fire system installation easy to buckle resistant composite plate, sealing glue for acceptance.

2) installation method without keel (suitable for energy saving reconstruction of existing buildings)

Measuring and positioning drilling hole expansion screws - install the expansion plug - easy to install nylon buckle resistant composite plate, sealing glue for acceptance.

The characteristics and advantages of the system: stone plastic composite wall system with decoration, thermal insulation, fire prevention, sound insulation and other functions, in architectural and building energy saving in a body, the structure of joint system of advanced and practical, obvious energy saving effect, fast construction speed, reduce weight, reduce the load of the main building, shorten the construction period, the advantages of to reduce the cost of the project.

3 curtain wall construction method


The characteristics and advantages of the system: the ceramic plate panel is composed of a metal frame, the surrounding supporting relative to the main structure has a certain displacement ability or have certain deformation ability, bear the main structure by the ceramic plate curtain wall. The aluminum alloy frame curtain wall dry hanging system has the advantages of light weight, high strength, high flatness, good heat insulation and sound insulation, strong seismic resistance, fire protection, anti Japanese sun and rain, weathering and easy cleaning. The utility model has the advantages of simple installation, little auxiliary material, material saving, time saving, labor saving and low installation cost, so the utility model is more suitable for the decoration of the curtain wall or the interior wall of the high-rise building.

4, dry hanging and wet paste method (video demonstration contrast)


The characteristics and advantages of the system: the selection of high quality polymer modified cement tile adhesive with the brick back fixed metal Guajian, adhesive for hanging combination construction method of thin paste mounted on the base. Particularly suitable for outdoor insulation system, covered with sheets and more than 24 meters outside the wall with thin sheets.

Six, the development trend of ceramic sheet

The change trend of ceramic sheet: more and more, has become the mainstream; the thickness of the sheet to improve; ink more vivid and more 3 dimensions; the cutting plate; the mix effect has emerged; the space design needs to be strengthened.

[trend 1] more and more big, but become non mainstream

Large size sheet from 2012 to 2014 the contention of a hundred schools of thought of the minority, not the mainstream has become moliu. In Italy, there are 3 ceramic plate manufacturers, daily output of about 20 thousand square meters. Speaking of the ceramic plate, the market for more than 10 years, although every year is like sell less, the degree of market acceptance is not high, but does not affect the enterprise's innovation enthusiasm, ceramic plate bigger, from the original 1000x3000mm to 1600x4800mm this year, large size, and so on, the ceramic plate exactly to do more large size before the end. In fact, in recent years, many enterprises have begun to focus on promoting large-scale products, 600 x 1200, 900 x 1200, 1000 x 1000 (mm) and other specifications are more common.


[trend 2] increase in thickness

Large size tiles in the exhibition repeatedly appeared, and the thickness is one of the trends. It is understood that 1 ~ 1.5 * 3 is a normal size past blocks (m), the thickness is about 3 ~ 4 mm, and now generally 6 ~ 7 mm thickness.

Dr. Yin analysis, block thickness although the increase in the cost of raw materials, but reduced the difficulty of manufacturing. When paving, the requirement of smoothness of base surface is relaxed, and the shock resistance of the product can also be improved. The utility model has the advantages of being suitable for indoor and outdoor laying at all times, heavy and suitable for public places and cargo loading and unloading areas, and more suitable for the vacant laid floor tiles. Even the exhibition in 14 ~ 18 mm thick brick.



[trend 3] inkjet makes the sheet more realistic and more solid

The innovation of inkjet printing technology has brought new vitality to the large size tiles, and the brick face pattern is becoming more and more colorful. The show to see whether the effect of stone, wood or tile, geometric shapes, large size ceramic plate, all of the surface texture in the embossing mold foot work, and out of the natural attribute of past limited to stone or wood, with many designers and technology personnel idea.

Maddie company has developed boronizing glaze successfully for inkjet printing equipment, color into the body of 0.5 ~ 0.6mm, if the polishing depth is 0.15mm, leaving the pattern is still clear, see black and white infiltration booth 1000x3000mm polishing plate flower stone imitation effect, comparable to the polished tiles, if combined with the powder, particle distribution process, then the effect will be better! This may be the future direction of polished tiles and polishing panels.


[trend 4] large plate cutting use

The ceramic plate even 1600x4800mm so large in size, is not such a large size of sales, more is to be cut into the size of demand of customer orders in different sizes, such as ceramic plate 1200x2400mm, cut into the size of the 8 dimensions of sales, perhaps this is the ceramic plate of Italy ceramic enterprises more as one of the more reason.

For a good designer, a large tile is more like a piece of cloth that can be cut at will according to its design requirements. After cutting, processing tiles more design sense, to provide designers with a wider space for design.



[5] trend mix effect has emerged

Rotten board effect tile, only color sense ---- cold and warm colors, especially the gray tone of cold warm collocation, the most harmonious color, such a mixture of the European and American countries will be more favored.


[trend 6] space design needs to be strengthened

Whether the traditional or large size tiles, ceramic plate, surface beauty and quality of the product itself, reference and product design space, and even the decoration crafts, art display space, Italy is still at the forefront of the world. These are worthy of China's ceramic industry counterparts study hard.

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