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How to distinguish a good ceramic sheet?
Publisher: Foshan Bo Xin porcelain industry Co., Ltd.     Release time:2017-08-28 10:55:55

Protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, LA 'BOBO ceramic sheet has been in action. 2017 consumer rights year theme for "network integrity, consumer worry free."". The purpose is to promote operators to operate in good faith in the era of network economy, strengthen the sense of responsibility of network operators, and earnestly implement the statutory obligations, and consciously protect the legitimate rights and interests of online consumers.

Because the network sales can not observe the material, coupled with a variety of products mixed, and consumers lack of expertise in identifying knowledge, it is more difficult to distinguish between good and bad products. Therefore, the value of "315" approach, Xiao Bian today will teach you how to identify good ceramic sheet.

Good ceramic plates exhibit ultra high density and ultra low water absorption. In the national standard, the water absorption rate of ceramic sheet is not more than 0.5%. Since the thickness of the ceramic sheet is between 4.8 mm and 6 mm, if the water absorption rate is too high, it will reduce the service performance, and will reduce the freeze-thaw performance of the product, and will crack or even fall in the application.


A good ceramic sheet exhibits a very strong breaking strength and modulus of rupture. These two items are the most important indexes of ceramic sheet, which involve shock resistance, wind resistance and other key performances. Because the ceramic sheet should meet the basic wall and floor paving, there must be a strong strength and flexural strength.


Good ceramic plates exhibit a high degree of flatness. Flatness is the foundation of a good product index, because the product thinning bigger, to ensure the smoothness of it, to achieve the various needs of the firing temperature curve, the formulation, technology with precision. If the evenness is not up to standard, it is difficult for the workers to lay it up. It will affect the appearance; even if it is paved, it will crack easily for a long time under the action of stress.



Good ceramic plates appear in strict dimensional deviations. National standards, the length and width of the maximum can not be more than plus or minus 1 mm, the length of the opposite side is less than 1 mm, diagonal length of less than 1.5 mm. Only the size deviation is within the controllable range, the product will not cause the brick seam to be different in size and bent after the paving, and will affect the appearance.


Good ceramic plates exhibit a good elastic limit. Only when the elastic limit is well controlled, the ceramic sheet will not deform and crack in the case of slight deformation and vibration of the building due to insufficient center deviation and lack of toughness.


Good ceramic plates exhibit good cutting properties. Cutting performance is the most direct reflection of the inherent quality of the product. If the quality of the product is not good, cutting is a very difficult thing, and even the knife will crack. Because of the uneven stress in the interior, the thin ceramic sheet is bent easily when it is cut. Only high-quality products, in the production process of internal stress evenly, in the cutting process will not produce cracks, brittle collapse, two times deformation and so on.


Good ceramic plates exhibit excellent resistance to contamination. In the wall and floor paving, ceramic sheet will be affected by pollutants (oil, chemical stain, acid rain, sewage) invasion, if lack of pollution resistance, pollutants can easily penetrate, causing the product surface discoloration. National standards require glazed ceramic sheet, pollution resistance should be no less than 3.


The quality of ceramic sheet is used to judge the quality of the product, and the influence of the quality of the product on the application is also discussed. I hope you are in for their house, their own project selection of ceramic sheet decoration, it is easier to judge whether their performance meets our requirements, so that to buy the heart, and use assured!

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