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What should be noted for sheet tiling?金沙足球平台出租
Publisher: Foshan Bo Xin porcelain industry Co., Ltd.     Release time:2017-08-28 10:58:16

Sheet tiles are popular decorative products on the market recently, but because of the new products, many people have not met, so they do not understand the construction of sheet tiles. Here's to introduce the construction process of thin tile and matters needing attention.

Construction technology of sheet tile

Thin tiling tools ready, the tools needed to include electric mixer, mixing barrel, required for construction, sawtooth trowel and shovel level and other related tools.

The first step in the construction of sheet tiles is to treat them at the grassroots level. Grassroots should ensure that the formation, solid, clean, no cracks and other status. For the local area hollowing walls or floor, we are to be treated with polymer cement mortar re leveling, and then use a broom to clean up the trash and dust. On the base of wet washing before construction, to the base without the water before construction.

The basic six to 70% dry, can be segmented lattice elastic line, at the same time to control the standard cover layer, surface layer wall size and vertical smoothness (surface roughness, size and level) and adhesive construction.

In the thin coating on the back, with a serrated knife. The straight edge will be coated with a layer of adhesive in the sheet surface press hard. Then use the serrated edge at an angle of about 45 degrees. Then combing binder, knife straight edge will make the adhesive sheet with chamfer, so as not to squeeze out excess adhesive and pollution on the surface of thin paste when.

The shop is stuck to the top down thin paste, bottom plate should be set the level of firm support, and according to the requirements of the design, plate paving to base, with a rubber hammer or shaker adhesive sheet and surface compaction between the plate and adjust the straightness and flatness. Finally, surface cleaning and protection are carried out. When the sheet is adhered, clean the residual sealant and clean the surface, and make relevant protective measures.

Notes on construction of sheet tile

But because the ceramic thin brick is much thinner than the ordinary ceramic tile, therefore the production craft needs to be more advanced, moreover also very exquisite in the construction, must handle gently, avoids in the construction process to cause the ceramic tile to crack.

Before paving ceramic tiles, should be solid, smooth, clean and basement, there shall be no defects, cracks, hollowing, water, construction and filling should be removed before the cracks between the debris, and with water wetting gap, and the construction of the environmental temperature should be 25 to 35 DEG C, too cold or too hot not good.

Cement based adhesives such as ceramic construction process using thin brick, the tooth comb tooth trowel adhesive should be uniform, full, clear, adhesive thickness should be 1 ~ 1.5mm, and with the help of wood, rubber and ceramic tile and tapping Zhong, the adhesive stick better, excess adhesive should be removed immediately


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