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Ceramic plates and market
Publisher: Foshan Bo Xin porcelain industry Co., Ltd.     Release time:2017-08-28 10:56:34

Recently, the bosses and supervisors of several ceramic enterprises chatted with me about the production and market prospect of ceramic sheet materials. A time to let me feel the surge of interest in the ceramic plate industry, at the beginning of that ceramic plate production line has been introduced in the Nobel tiles waiting for customs clearance, Eastroc ceramics and ceramic Manley plans to introduce ceramic plate production line has been put on the schedule, famous stone enterprises in Italy and to discuss the introduction of ceramic plate manufacturing equipment suppliers equipment, several of my friends ask me the domestic large tonnage press production feasibility of manufacturing ceramic plate. It seems that ceramic plates will bloom all over china.

The ceramic plate to start is the origin of ceramic thin plate, is probably around 2001, in the Italy system company invented a new type of compressor, without the use of mold, ceramic sheet can be formed of 3 mm thick and the area of over 3 square meters, was declared not Chinese export of this equipment. As in the international community, China's ceramic plate is also from the ceramic sheet began, China's ceramic industry talk about ceramic plates, so far has more than 10 years of history. In October 2005, Monalisa research team and South China University of Technology, Keda commenced with a feasibility analysis of large size ceramic plate industrialization project in December 2006, the test line successful trial production, the ceramic plate in November 2007, Monalisa light new building materials production lines to achieve continuous automatic production, in December 2008, Monalisa won the "first prize" ceramic plate project national building materials science and technology progress in 2009, there were already standard gb/t23266-2009 "national ceramic industry standards board", "building ceramic plate application technology regulations" etc.. Monalisa ceramic sheet products successfully produced, greatly encouraging the Chinese ceramic industry to enter the field of ceramic sheet confidence. But at that time, the success of the ceramic sheet seemed to be more technical success, brand success rather than commercial success. Soon there was a smaller size of the ceramic plate, the main production of ceramic enterprises are Bobo, newzhongyuan, Jin Haida, Jin Tao, but because of the national standard "ceramic plate" ("ceramic plate" when I presided over the standard review) specified in the ceramic plate on the surface area of not less than 1.62m2, so in the name of ceramic plate the emergence of several years of controversy (or: slobber war), it seems that 1.62m2 is a technical threshold. Soon after the emergence of several Fujian ceramic enterprises (mainly Shenluda, Wanli etc.) high-profile plans to introduce Italy equipment for the production of ceramic material, then the end result of the global financial crisis, the government banned the building hall club, the field of construction ceramic plate wave did not rise. But with the energy saving and emission reduction requirements, tile thin slogans louder, the development and application of ceramic sheet has been widely concerned, relevant construction norms in the process of Monalisa ceramic led and construction sector cooperation, on the ceramic plate (especially ceramic thin plate) of the application and promotion of the outstanding contribution.

The recent hot plate ceramic tile industry, mainly in the difficult period, ceramic enterprises seek new breakthrough products, technology, brand occupy the commanding heights, or try to form the new energy-saving emission reduction project investment in building ceramics. Generally speaking, ceramic plate heat, first is because of the production technology of ceramic plate has matured in recent years we are in Italy or cersaie Tecnargilla exhibition can see the products and equipment mature, ceramic plate can be 3 ~ 30 mm thick. Another important reason, yp10000 type compressor is what we call the 2015 henglitai company manufacturing success, not only marks the China tile manufacturing entered a ton era, and let everyone see the low cost and high quality in the traditional way of production of 1 x 2 meters ceramic plate technology route, and henglitai company the yp16800 press has announced that it will launch this year, in other words, we can see the full set of domestic equipment manufacturing 1.5 x 3 meters of ceramic plate quickly.

The market prospect of ceramic plate is not clear at present. Of course, ceramic plate can also enter the traditional ceramic brick product market, and that is not the advantage of sheet metal. Last week, a ceramic company in Shandong planned to build three ceramic panels in the near future, and this time they could see their ceramic plate advertisement at the competition. I said bluntly, in recent years the domestic ceramic plate market is not mature enough, the application of ceramic plate is not wide enough, wall hanging cabinet who has just started, very little space applications, furniture applications close to zero, so my advice is to open up the market, sales in advance, the construction of the production line gradually. Ceramic plates are applied with a wide range of areas, but many in need of development, if the direction is not break up the whole into parts, ceramic plate. Of course, the introduction of ceramic plate manufacturing equipment, I am most interested in the production of ceramic or stone enterprises, large enterprises to open up the application field of LED, pottery stone, marble tiles might come up with a category, and we drive and drive marble tiles together, a good fight over the court


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