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The hardship and beauty of Chinese ceramics奥门金沙娱乐场app
Publisher: Foshan Bo Xin porcelain industry Co., Ltd.     Release time:2017-08-28 10:52:14

In 2016, China's ceramic industry entered a difficult period, and we encountered unprecedented difficulties and embarrassment. From the beginning to now, regardless of the industry or the terminal can be said to be difficult, very careful. Especially at the beginning of the closures, so that everyone is xinjingroutiao. In this night without fire, more people are dazed and frightened.

Why is the China 2016 ceramics industry entered a difficult era? Review the past few years, although the real estate began to shrink, the national pace of economic growth slowing, thus affecting the rapid development of ceramic industry. From the slow stride forward singing militant songs are still hot, new products of new products, we can still see the market from various news. Today, it is no longer difficult to find the heroic spirit of the day. At that time, the attitude of victory carnival was more cold and desolate, and the predicament of Chinese ceramics became a fact that we can not deny:

China's ceramic industry has entered a new turning point, this inflection point is a new direction for transformation, especially with our familiar private throwing factory as the main force. Throughout the beginning of the collapse of the tide, are warning us that the new era has come, before the kind of traditional extensive era really ended, the real brand era officially staged. If you still maintain your old, wide and classic strategy to win on a scale, then you may encounter a fatal blow. The future is more sophisticated brand enterprises, they will become the main driving force of the future.

The industry has entered the recession of old life, and new blood has not been replenished. What we are talking about here is that all the glazed tiles and antique tiles which we were familiar with before, even the marble tiles that we had hoped for last year, have entered the decline of life. The whole cast glaze is declining, as early as the heads of the public to see antique brick; tired, we began to perceive; and finally a marble tile recession is unexpected for us -- get too fast. Especially the marble tiles, with a number of brands to join the battle, its profits and market share plummeted, it will not come back when the scene of a beautiful laugh proud warlords pointing jiangshan.

The country's "iron fist" on environmental protection has once again promoted the entire landscape of China's ceramic industry. China's ceramic industry has always been referred to as "high pollution, high energy consumption and high emission" of the three high traditional industries. With the national attention to environmental protection, from the beginning of the year to the near future, we can see that many areas of ceramic enterprises were ordered to light, heavy was eliminated. Chinese ceramics have encountered the most stringent environmental protection law ever since, and green environmental protection has become a topic that ceramic people can not avoid.

Italy, Spain imported tiles menacing. Since the beginning of 2015, Italy, Spain ceramic enterprises have entered into Chinese market, many former unheard of Italy strong brands of ceramic tile have emerged in our stage, Marazzi, Lamborghini and other brands in Foshan, so we encountered the most serious foreign enemies on the local high-end market eroded.

The above points are all about China ceramics has entered a difficult era, in this era of great background, as a traditional investors dealers, friends have encountered unprecedented difficulties.

Dickens said, "this is the best of times, but also the worst of times.". In this era, some of the stars have been doomed to shine, but also let us see new forces are slowly rising strong. And in this era of old and new changes, how to better seize this good, I believe that we should have a new understanding of the overall trend, new grasp. Looking back at the first half of this year, after a series of trials and tribulations, we began a new dream and a new direction. Because we see the emergence of modern antique brick of this group, they represent China ceramics with self-confidence and new ideas and new; because we feel the rise of ceramic plate is the rapid growth and this is the future trend of a world with the simultaneous development of ceramics; because we see more and more enterprises pay more attention to the environmental protection concern the refinement of management, which has a wonderful different approaches but equally satisfactory results with Italy and Spain and other European advanced design and production.

Each time each time and the choice of direction, if you want to succeed in making this era, we believe that professional and focus is our first step towards success, and break the traditional thinking, innovation, has a certain spirit of adventure, is our modern businessmen and the essential qualities of success.

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