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Advantages of ceramic sheet wall thermal insulation integration
Publisher: Foshan Bo Xin porcelain industry Co., Ltd.     Release time:2017-08-28 11:17:33

Ceramic plate and polyurethane insulation board made of heat insulation, is the construction industry the new wall materials, environmental protection, energy saving, with sound insulation, moisture-proof, breathable, rich color, lasting, the advantages of wide application range. So, what is the ceramic sheet wall insulation integration?

The so-called ceramic sheet thermal insulation integration is made of ceramic sheet veneer, polyurethane insulation core material, edge sealing material, bottom lining and so on. Ceramic sheet is a modern energy-saving environmental protection decorative material, beautiful decoration; polyurethane insulation core material with small thermal conductivity, density, strength and safety performance are relatively good insulation materials, fire protection level to B1 level.

The thickness of the ceramic sheet is reduced by more than half than that of the traditional ceramic tile, 14.5kg per square meter weight, and the surface of the ceramic plate is imitated by the ink-jet printing technique, and the natural stone is lifelike, and the decorative effect is close to the natural stone. Ceramic sheet and polyurethane made of ceramic sheet, insulation integration has the following advantages:

First: heat preservation, ceramic sheet insulation, integrated insulation core material, polyurethane has good thermal insulation performance, can reduce the loss of indoor heat energy, thereby reducing energy consumption for buildings;

Second: energy-saving ceramic sheet thickness is less than half of the ordinary tiles, thus saving the use of ceramic raw materials more than half of the volume, reduce water and electricity consumption of more than 50%, in line with the modern green building energy-saving and low-carbon environmental protection requirements;

Third: fire protection, ceramic sheet insulation integration, good fire performance, fire protection level up to B1, used for exterior wall decoration, fire safety;

Fourth: lightweight, thin ceramic plate can greatly reduce the weight of its own, ceramic sheet insulation integrated to lighter weight than others, can significantly reduce the building load, is conducive to optimizing the housing structure, promote the construction of energy-saving.

Fifth: decorative beauty, the use of ceramic panels of ceramic ink jet technology, imitation of all kinds of granite, marble, stone effect is realistic, decorative effect more personalized and high-grade;

Sixth: simple construction, ceramic sheet insulation integrated construction steps: base wall treatment - measurement line - Deployment - backsizing - install binder plate composite plate - hung reinforcement - filling - surface cleaning, comprehensive construction cost is low.

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