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Position: > Question > Feng Shui in the living room paste ceramic tile taboo and pay attention to, you know?

Feng Shui in the living room paste ceramic tile taboo and pay attention to, you know?
Publisher: Foshan Bo Xin porcelain industry Co., Ltd.     Release time:2017-08-28 10:47:26

The living room is Home Furnishing in Fengshui, undoubtedly, it is because of the living room feng shui is so important, so life is basically everyone wants to learn more about the living room feng shui knowledge, and to use the knowledge of Feng Shui layout a good living room feng shui, help and promote family fortunes, and people although the importance of the living room feng shui, but also there are omissions, the living room floor tiles of Feng Shui is a key it is often overlooked, in fact, tiling is quite auspicious, so Feng Shui in the living room with tile taboo and pay attention to your understanding? No, it doesn't matter. After reading the following article, you'll see!


What on earth?

This problem seems to ask very idiot, but this is the most basic, first you have to fully understand what space for what ceramic tile! Actually this issue is not what floor, but how the collocation of various materials. For example: some owners hope in the living room tiling, while in the bedroom choose wood floor, so the problem arises:

If the living room shop ordinary glazed brick, bedroom shop laminate flooring, then the bedroom and living room will exist around 3cm height difference, mainly due to the strengthening of the floor under the keel did not cause. Well, is it possible to choose solid wood flooring in your bedroom? Of course not. Usually by the manufacturer of solid wood flooring installation will use 3 x 2cm keel, keel to the living room and if it is best to use 5 x 4cm leveling tiles specifications, but each floor manufacturers in terms of service to replace the keel but different. Therefore, we must fully communicate with the owners, after all, our purpose is to allow owners satisfaction, understanding of the basic requirements of the owners, and then according to the original idea of the owners, to find the most appropriate program. If the owners want to choose the floor and floor tiles mixed way, we must plan, to avoid unnecessary trouble. The following two basic collocation: tile + laminate flooring = floor of the room with cement mortar pad high 3cm, tile + solid wood floor = floor under 5 * 4cm specifications of keel.


Choose what size tiles?

The shop is 600? 800? Or 1000 or other specifications? This is a problem! Now the tiles, especially the living room floor tiles are mainly 500mm, 600mm, 800mm and 1000mm (1 meters) and other specifications, which is the most used 600mm and 800mm two. Then how to choose? It is suggested that the area and the placement of furniture should be chosen. Because the 600mm per unit area of a brick than 800mm brick paving the amount to much, so the visual space can produce a sense of expansion, while in the corner shop facing waste rate is lower than 800mm and large space when laying bricks, 800 or even 1 meters in size brick is the atmosphere. Therefore, it is recommended that less than 40 square meters of space to choose 600mm specifications tiles; and more than 40 square meters of space, you can choose 800mm or one meter of floor tiles. It is worth noting that, if the room furniture too much (such as bedroom) cover large blocks of ground, it is best to use 600mm tiles.


What kind of bricks do you have?

What is the choice of what kind of paving brick? Is archaize brick or polished antique brick? Nature, soft service, especially in retro style, with parquet Bohuazhuan incomparable advantages. At the same time, because of the protection of the surface glaze layer, the antifouling ability of tea, ink and even hot cigarette butts is better than that of glazed tiles. But glazed bricks are not without merit. With the development of technology, now Bohuazhuan surface Bo layer compactness, smoothness is very high, not only can make the room look more bright, also won't like Youmianzhuan due to external force collision, friction glazed damage phenomenon. So choose what kind of brick, according to the style you want to reflect, to bright, the atmosphere will choose polished brick, natural and warm, choose antique brick.


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